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Sale of European hyperbaric chambers

Hyperbaric chambers

With European medical and quality certificates

tratamientos en cámaras hiperbáricas

Low and high pressure

confort y calidad en cámaras hiperbáricas


high pressure hyperbaric chamber.jpeg


control calidad camara hiperbarica


Did you know that the pressure recommended by different international organizations and used in prestigious clinical studies should not be less than 1.6 ATA?

AHA chambers work with 1.8 and 2.0 ATA pressure.

AHA Hyperbarics GmbH is a gold-awarded European manufacturer of innovative hyperbaric chambers capable of reaching up to 200 kPa (2.0 bar – 15 psi) pressure.

We highlight the careful selection of materials, choosing those of the highest quality. Thanks to this, they do not oxidize and do not deteriorate despite being exposed to a high concentration of oxygen.

We offer technologically advanced cameras with a 3-level structure necessary to ensure safety and reliability in use.

Its quality allows us to offer a guarantee of two years or 2000 hours of use.

Our medical hyperbaric systems are manufactured in accordance with the standards of the European Medical Device Council MDD 93/42/ECC with class IIB safety

The materials used are produced and tested based on the ISO 13485 quality system for medical products.

AHA hyperbaric systems. They have developed complete service models for medical, wellness or personal use.

In all cases the cameras come accompanied by all the equipment

necessary and work protocols for the correct functioning and success of the therapies. An online training course is also included.

All models include

Air compressor for hyperbaric chamber

The air compressor fills the chamber with air. The system compresses, maintains the patient at the desired pressure and decompresses.
Pressure and duration protocols are controlled by the operator according to the specialist's recommendations

oxygen hyperbaric chamber

The high pressure oxygen concentrators used are designed to deliver 20 LPM of greater than 90% pure oxygen content at a pressure of 5.0 BAR. This ensures that each breath within the hyperbaric chamber is enriched with vital oxygen, maximizing the potential for well-being and healing.

Hyperbaric chamber temperature

In all hyperbaric chambers, the temperature always increases by pressurizing the space. All models are equipped with a refrigerator/fan to maintain a comfortable temperature during treatments. This is controlled through the tablet.

Treatment in hyperbaric chamber

The BIBS (Built-in Breathing System) is regulated by the rhythm of breathing. The BIBS regulator is designed to effectively circulate oxygen through the polyurethane hose, while removing carbon dioxide. This feature ensures a safe and controlled therapy environment, and breathing always with pure oxygen.

Hyperbaric chamber treatments

Internal control unit for the user.

It allows control of gas control and the communication system with the outside. Camera control is carried out fully automatically through the automation system.

hyperbaric chamber

Outside assistant main control unit. From here the chamber pressure is adjusted manually or automatically, communication is carried out with the patient inside and the pressure chamber is evacuated in case of emergency.

Single HBOT

Camara hiperbarica individual

The soul of this model is based on its ergonomic design and aesthetics.

It is a hyperbaric oxygen system designed focusing on user experience, personal space, visibility and interior comfort.

Built with medical grade technology, for safe and effective wellness sessions.

The most visible features of this hyperbaric chamber are the transparent windows that create an open and relaxing environment. The transparent panels encourage a connection with the outside and promote a feeling of openness rather than confinement, which many users appreciate during hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions.

Double HBOT

Cámaras hiperbáricas dobles

Experience the health benefits of breathing pure oxygen through the Built-in Breathing System (BIBS), regulated by the rhythm of your breathing. This system helps both people receive the optimal level of oxygen for more effective results with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

The two-seater model is built with medical grade aluminum, lightweight and modular, the unique design focuses on transparency, relaxation and entertainment.

Grupal HBOT

contraindicaciones camara hiperbarica

The 4-seater hyperbaric system is designed with double transparent acrylic windows to enhance your interior comfort, promote a relaxing oxygen breathing session, and also encourage human connection and team spirit during therapy.

Share the experience of a hyperbaric treatment with your friends, family or other users. Enjoy automated controls and all the comforts of leather interior, ergonomic seats, ambient lighting and entertainment.

The Hyperbaric chamber is a medical device used to perform oxygen treatments at pressures greater than normal atmospheric pressure defined as 1 ATM.

Hyperbaric chambers operate at 1.3 ATM and achieve complete efficiency in distributing oxygen in all tissues of the body.

Its operation is similar to what happens with mineral water with gas, the gas bubbles with the closed bottle are not seen and when the bottle is opened they come out due to pressure, that is due to a physical law that says that gases are diluted in liquid when under pressure. This happens when we breathe O2 in the cabin under pressure and the O2 gas is diluted in the plasma water.

The hyperbaric chamber has existed for 200 years but with this new category of chambers its use is being expanded to other specialties, achieving easy and patient-friendly access at a reasonable cost.

The manufacturer produces only portable cameras in the world that have been approved by the International Olympic Committee. More than 1,000 Olympic and professional athletes, teams from FIFA, La Liga, Premier League, Bundesliga, NBA, MLB, NFL, PGA, MMA, amateur athletes, doctors, clinics and individuals have already entrusted their recovery and have improved their quality of life thanks to OxyHealth's hyperbaric chambers.


Strengthens the immune system.

Improves microcirculation.

Increases cerebral irrigation.

Provides 10 times more oxygen to tissues.

Decreases edema, inflammation and pain.

Stimulates the production of stem cells.

Reduces fatigue caused by lack of oxygen in the muscles.

Increases collagen production.

Reduces post-surgical recovery time, accelerating healing, reducing inflammation and the possibility of infections.

Boosts energy levels and reduces lactic acid.

Accelerates recovery from injuries (ligaments and tissues).

Supports angiogenesis and osteogenesis.

Stimulates neovascularization (generation of new blood vessels).

Stimulates the production of melatonin (improves sleep).

Helps the recovery of damaged tissues (ulcers, wounds or radiological treatments).

It helps to eliminate toxins and increases the ability to fight infections, bacteria and viruses.

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