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Compression boots

Lymphatic drainage equipment

Walking slimming machine with vacuum and infrared system

Vaculife is an exclusive technology based on the combination of vacuum with infrared radiation mounted together with a fast walking belt. Both men and women can use this machine to reduce body fat in those parts where it is difficult to eliminate, abdomen, cartridge belts and pelvic area. Reduces adipose tissue by naturally stimulating metabolism using the vacuum and infrared technique. Used regularly, it reduces cellulite and reduces body volume.

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Main advantages

Different pressure levels with a maximum of 240 mmHg

Made with resistant materials


Ability to override a camera

12 or 8 cameras working in sequential order

One year warranty

Portable model

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Includes boots with 12 pressure chambers

Battery life of 90 minutes

Possibility of canceling cameras

Classic model

Good price portable pressotherapy

Includes boots with 8 pressure chambers

Works connected to the current

Possibility of canceling cameras

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Pressotherapy boots

How to choose the boot size?

Using this photo with the three sizes S - M - L

You have to measure the length of your leg from the heel.

The boot should reach as high as possible without touching your crotch.

Take them anywhere

Lymphatic drainage equipment
Lymphatic drainage machine
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If what you are looking for is equipment for professional use, click on the link below

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