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Zerobody cryo. Best cryotherapy tub

Zerobody cryo

Dry cold plunges  



  • Adjustable and stable temperature of your choice 

  • Reach 4th

  • No contact with water

  • Elegant design with choice of colors

  • Practical and hygienic

  • Touch screen 



  • Physiotherapy

  • Rheumatology

  • Sports recovery

  • Concentration therapies

  • Rehabilitation

  • General well-being

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Zerobody Cryo Cryotherapy Bathtub

Zerobody Cryo is Starpool's revolution for the world of cryotherapy: innovative for its simplicity, safety and accessibility, it incorporates a patented water membrane that completely surrounds the body without the need to get wet, at an operating temperature of 4-6°C in a safe and non-invasive environment.
The system allows you to do cold therapy, obtaining the same benefits as traditional cryotherapy or immersion in ice water. Zerobody Cryo ensures gradual exposure to the cold, offering users the complete comfort of dry flotation.



Height: 230 cm


Width: 200 cm


Depth: 172 cm


Nitrogen consumption: 12 liters per treatment


Electric consumption: 2 kw / h


Electrical connection: 1 phase - 230V - 50 Hz


Best cryotherapy tub
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