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Float and relaxation tanks

A perfect system to float. While designing ASTERA, every detail has been taken care of to obtain a durable flotation tank, with excellent water quality and many features. All this accompanied by our services so that you only have to relax and enjoy the multiple benefits of floating.

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Floating in your universe

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The body floats on the warm water without making any effort, freeing the mind from all sensations of gravity, weight, balance, movement and thermoregulation.

As if all these tasks were done naturally and automatically, although they really require a large amount of energy to perform.

Numerous medical studies confirm positive effects on


stress reduction


Promotes relaxation


chronic headaches

Muscle pain in the neck and back





Muscle relaxation


 Novak Djokovic-  flotation & sport

Without a doubt, flotation therapy improves your quality of life



Although the high salinity of the water makes it difficult for microorganisms to reproduce. Inside, the ASTREA flotation tank has an effective water sterilization system using a high-power ultraviolet lamp, programmable dispensers in terms of time and quantity of products, and filters with changeable cartridges to absorb microparticles from the water.

Magnesium sulfate - Epson salts.

The benefits of magnesium sulfate (MgSO4), better known as Epsom salt, are recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and is included in its list of essential medicines.

The absorption of magnesium occurs transdermally, by floating on 600 liters of water enriched with 350 kilos of magnesium sulfate.

For this reason it is essential to use the highest quality salts, which we add to the water at the time of installation and start-up.

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Chemicals to disinfect water



Hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2), concentration 35%, Food Grade.

Dose (in ppm) – Min-Max: 20-100, ideal range: 50-60 ppm

Hydrogen peroxide is the preferred option pPlow sanitation with flotation solution.

H2O2 is also an extremely powerful oxidizing agent, making it suitable for the destruction of a variety of contaminants and contaminants.

When used, H2O2 breaks down into water, oxygen and ozone, which are the least harmful to the human body.

If used in excessive amounts, a strong ozone odor may be observed. The tank should be vented to remove odor and H2O2 ratios should be adjusted accordingly.

H2O2 in doses greater than 100 ppm is dangerous for the human body. Therefore, care must be taken to maintain H2O2 levels at optimal levels.

Do not use H2O2 and Chlorine in the same cycle. Both chemicals will cancel each other out.

As with all chemicals, it is essential to handle them with gloves and protective glasses.



Chlorine (sodium hypochlorite, NaClO), 10% concentration

Dose (in ppm) – Idea range: 1 – 3

Chlorine is an extremely powerful oxidizing agent, making it suitable for the destruction of a variety of contaminants. It is mandatory in some countries as a standard for commercial pools/spa/jacuzzi tanks.

It can be used as a water clarifier. The floating solution may become cloudy due to a fine suspension of human body oils after several uses. Chlorine has the ability to bind to this substance, allowing filters to remove the substance more effectively, giving the floating solution a clear, bright appearance.

It has an extremely strong odor, which is associated with that of public swimming pools. The smell can be extremely negative for some floaters.

Concentrated use of chlorine may not be suitable for use in a closed environment, due to the strong odor of chlorine byproducts.

Some hypothetical concerns about chlorine and human health, such as asthma, skin irritation, etc.




Bromine (1-bromo-3-chloro-5,5-dimethylhydantoin), usually in tablet form.

Dose (in ppm) – ideal range: 2 – 4

Bromine is another common water disinfectant used in spas and hot tubs.

It comes in tablet form, making it easy to dose. It can be placed inside the filter chamber and allowed to slowly dissolve over time.

However, Bromine has trouble dealing with organic contaminants, such as oils and sweat, and can cause water to develop mold or slime.

It also has a very strong odor, which can be uncomfortable in a closed float tank.



UV light disinfection

Ultraviolet light is used as a complement to chemical dosing in water

UV rays are only effective against live microorganisms, although the effects are minimal in saline solution of optimal salinity.

Allows the use of reduced chemical levels



Brown or greenish water coloration


In areas where groundwater is used in taps, metal contamination of the flotation solution can cause the water to take on a tinted color. (For example, green for iron contamination, brown for copper contamination). The tint of the colors can vary from a slight tint to a deep, complete water color change.

Metal removal chemicals will help break down metal contamination, allowing the water to return to its natural clear state.

Please note that depending on the severity of the float solution color change, a complete change of the float solution might be a better solution to the problem.


The structure of the tank is made of a rigid fiber that ensures a long useful life. The motor and water heater are special to work with water with a high salt concentration. It includes a 100% effective water sterilization system and many technological details to further enjoy the pleasure of floating.

Ultraviolet water sterilizer: Integrated into the engine filtration system


Filtration with an electromagnetic pump: the only system that ensures that the salinity of the water does not quickly destroy metal parts or joints.


Heating: Heat pump that maintains the water temperature at the desired temperature. It connects when the filter system works


Filtering: With cartridges that can be changed every 2-3 months to retain particles in the water.


Touch screen: located in the external technical pack. Very easy to use thanks to the intuitive software.


Dispensers: With semi-automatic operation to add disinfectant daily.


Ozone: Ozone generator to disinfect the air after each user.


Led lights: Chromotherapy. They can be turned off from within if the user prefers to float in the dark


Music: Bluetooth speakers compatible with any device


External filtering unit: Specially designed for easy access to all the machinery and electronics of the system. It can be located next to or in an adjoining space separated by a wall.



Technical data:


Weight without water: 200 kg

Length: 2500mm

Width: 1500mm

Height: 1300 mm with lid closed – 2000 mm lid open

Current: 220V – 110V

Maximum consumption (when heating the water): 6000W

Certificate: CE



Twenty years of experience in Spain and Latin America marketing wellness equipment. We offer complete services so that you do not need to carry out any management.

In Spain


Permanent telephone service in Spanish

Advice and planning of the space prior to installation

Home delivery and installation

Documentation in Spanish: method of use, contraindications, security measures, user manual

local technical service



Management of maritime transport and customs management at destination

Online or face-to-face assisted installation (travel costs not included)

Permanent telephone service in Spanish

Documentation in Spanish: method of use, contraindications, security measures, user manual

Pre-installation space planning

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