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Precio sauna estufa leña

Wood-burning sauna stove

For those users who want to enjoy an authentic sauna with a wood stove. In addition to offering a cozy atmosphere, high-power installations and electrical consumption costs are avoided.

The innovation in the construction of HUUM wood-burning sauna stoves ensures effective and sustainable use of wood. Only materials are used that guarantee the longevity and durability of the wood stoves.

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Sauna with wood stove
Wood stoves for outdoor saunas

The Nordic pure design of the HUUM wood stoves enhances the natural beauty of the sauna stones

and give life to the interior of the sauna.

Sauna Round Cube

Buy sauna wood heater

Round Cube is our new series of visually striking outdoor saunas, offering the healthy experience of a sauna in an elegant environment. An excellent option for those looking for something original and more striking than usual.

The design of the model has industrial protection for the manufacturer, making it a unique sauna in Europe.

All models are also available with electric stoves if the option of using wood is not possible or convenient.

Small outdoor sauna

Round Cube Mini

Maximum capacity 4

220 width - 220 height

200 or 240 depth

Weight: 900 - 950 kg.

Electric option 6/9 kW.

Outdoor sauna 6 people

Round Cube Relax

Maximum capacity 6

310 width - 220 height

200 background

Weight: 990 kg.

Electric option 9 Kw.

Single outdoor sauna

Round Cube Single

Maximum capacity 8

310 width - 220 height

240 or 260 depth

Weight: 1100 - 1050 kg.

Electric option 11 kW.

Double Round Cube Sauna

Sauna exterior estufa leña

Round Cube Double has an additional space of 100 wide by 200 / 220 deep with a changing bench

and support clothing. The width is always 310 and the height is 220. Weight between 1100 and 1150 kilos.

Classic saunas and their tradition

A little history and tradition

Sauna and its therapeutic effects based on science and popular medicine.

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