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Electric cryotherapy equipment

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The advantage of just plugging in and working
No nitrogen or CO2

Cryotherapy equipment that reduces pain due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, used mainly in sports medicine and to relieve the pain of rheumatic diseases. They are also used in aesthetics to cool the skin before performing laser hair removal treatments.

They have a sophisticated cooling system, easy and safe to use, controlled by a screen that

allows to adjust the air output up to 1500 l / min. The accessories facilitate the operator's work in applying air to the different body areas.


Five standard models

Five standard models are available, equipped with an automatic defrost system that allows use to continue without the need to change the water.

Variety of accessories for different applications and a more comfortable use for the operator.

Touch screen, easy to use and visible from different angles.

Two large models

Cryoair C 200 - 40 C

Cryoair C 600 - 60 C

Three small models

Cryoair mini - 32 C

Cryoair mini premium -32 C (110V - 220v)

Cryoair mini turbo - 40 C

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35 pre-programmed settings based on prompts or goals.

Short treatment duration due to powerful temperature reduction.

Reduces skin temperature to 12º in one minute

3 nozzles of 5, 15, and 20 mm to choose from depending on the size of the area to be treated.

2 treatment methods: static and hands-free or dynamic and manual.

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