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Vaculife treadmill

Elliptical machine to lose weight by walking by enhancing calorie burning with infrared
Vaculife brand treadmill for walking and losing weight. Sale with manufacturer prices

Walking slimming machine with vacuum and infrared system

Vaculife is an exclusive technology based on the combination of vacuum with infrared radiation mounted together with a fast walking belt. Both men and women can use this machine to reduce body fat in those parts where it is difficult to eliminate, abdomen, cartridge belts and pelvic area. Reduces adipose tissue by naturally stimulating metabolism using the vacuum and infrared technique. Used regularly, it reduces cellulite and reduces body volume.


  • Burns calories 4 times faster than treadmills

  • Computerized control via digital display

  • Takes up little space


  • Improves blood circulation

  • Weightloss

  • Reduces cellulite

  • Improves metabolism

Machine to walk fast while burning more calories thanks to infrared


Its technology allows you to safely use the vacuum technique when walking, this allows you to improve blood circulation, increase metabolic rate and burn calories, resulting in weight loss and a considerable reduction in cellulite. This method reduces fat tissue four times faster than the treadmill.

vaculife adegazar machine for sale
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