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Best Astrea Pro flotation cabin

Sensory isolation chambers
and flotation tanks

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Astrea insulation and flotation tank


Regenerate body and mind through relaxation

ASTREA PRO is the second generation of floating relaxation systems, distributed internationally by 

Augusta Wellness Technology. A technologically improved version, and especially designed for commercial use thanks to the most advanced water sterilization system that exists.


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Technology applied to rest

NFT Naturalfrequency technology 

The integrated natural frequency chip can accept the natural frequency provided by the earth and produce a harmonious "resonance" with human brain waves. This interferes with brain waves, reducing tension, anxiety and other negative emotions. It also helps induce deep sleep and enhance the effect of floatation therapy.


NFT technology in sensory isolation tank
Ultrasonic cellular massage in flotation chamber

Ultrasonic cellular massage

45000hz high frequency vibration is used to separate air from water forming 5-10um mixed micro bubbles, which expand and burst under the action of sound pressure. This forms high-frequency shock waves, which helps accelerate lactic acid metabolism and reduce muscle fatigue.


Monitoring in a sensory deprivation capsule




User data monitoring

Real-time monitoring of changes in the user's vital signs in the cabin can not only ensure their safety, but also formulate rehabilitation or physical training plans based on the body data obtained.

User monitoring in isolation tank
Cabin and capsule for flotation
Astrea Pro sensory deprivation capsule

Perfect water sterilization

Filtering in external multi-action unit

The best system to keep water in perfect condition. Designed especially for those isolation tanks for public - commercial use. The water leaves the tank to be able to pass through a complex system that perfectly sterilizes the water.

Only 10 minutes are needed for the water to the cabin and be ready for the next user.

Astrea Pro Sensory Isolation Tank

Possibility of cleaning the cabin

From time to time, or if for some exceptional reason it is required, while the sterilizing system works with the water it is possible to clean the cabin. The system includes a high pressure aluminum gun.

Astrea flotation tanks and cabins

Durable internal components

electromagnetic pump

It is the "heart" of the system. It is responsible for moving the water so that, between users, it passes through the sterilizing system and returns clean to the cabin. The water used contains a high amount of Epsom salt so that the user can float without any effort, approximately 250 kilos of salt diluted in 500 liters of water.

Only an electromagnetic system, where water never comes into contact with the partsmetallic,It assures us a long useful life of such an important component in the system. Astrea Pro incorporates the Japanese Iwaki pumps, considered the best there are.

Astrea incorporates Iwaki water pump
Iwaki electromagnetic pump
Non-metallic water heater for insulation cabin

Non-metallic water heater

As with the pump, ASTREA PRO incorporates aexclusive system that heats the water through overflow, thus preventing the water from touching metal parts. The material that is in contact with water is silicon carbide,


The robust structure is designed to support a total load capacity of 2400 kg. A treatment is applied with anodizing technology, making it resistant to corrosion and wear, with a useful life of ≥ 15 years.

Wide cabin structure for flotation
Best tank insulation


The surface where water accumulates is made of polyurethane, which improves the insulation efficiency of floating liquid by 33% compared to other materials. It is also covered with silver ion nanocoatings, which effectively solves common problems such as the growth of dead bacteria in corners.

Tank and cabin to relax


You have found the best system to float

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