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Bioimpedance analyzer

Multi-frequency bioimpedance body analyzer

Best bioimpedance analyzer
Digital and portable body fat measurements
sale biody xpert organism analyzer


  • Nutrition

  • Dietetics

  • Sports medicine

  • Personal trainers

  • General medicine

  • Personal control


  • Portable - only 300 grams weight

  • Simple to use without cables or electrodes - measurement in 10 seconds

  • Transmit immediate results to tablet, phone or PC

  • 98% accuracy in results that are easy to interpret in the software

  • It has a French LNE / GMED medical certificate and ISO 13485 quality certificate

  • 4 times cheaper than its competitors offering the same features



The manufacturer AMINOGRAM with 25 years of experience in the development of bio impedance presents Biody Xpert, the latest generation of body analyzers.

This multi-frequency portable device without cable connections delivers immediate results with 98% accuracy.



It allows an immediate interpretation of the results, thanks to the easy-to-read didactic software, being able to diagnose based on the analysis of the balances or imbalances.

It also has an interface to perform diets based on the results and characteristics of the user.

The graphical analysis allows to analyze all the components of the organism. Then with the management dossier you can track the evolution of future results.


Bioimpedance analyzer results can be displayed on multiple devices
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