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best pressotherapy and lymphatic drainage equipment

Lynphatic drainage device

Professional pressotherapy
with boots and jacket accessories 

Exclusive camera overlap system

Pressotherapy boots.jpeg

Each camera in the accessory is connected to the next in an overlapping manner, creating what is called an "Overlay". This unique technological solution means that lymph pushed into large mouths, lymph nodes and vessels does not fall by gravity, but as the next chamber fills it moves in the correct direction and rhythm (based on manual drainage methodology).


The use of devices without this system is associated with a high risk of excessive lymph accumulation in the area causing dangerous inflammation.

Pressotherapy equipment.jpeg

The boots and the jacket
include 24 internal chambers
ensuring treatments
safe and effective

Smooth gradual regulation

Pressotherapy treatments.jpeg

The maximum controlled pressure in each chamber is reduced according to the degree of pressure in the lymphatic or venous vessels. As a result of this gradual regulation, the pressure of the massage in the parts of the body far from the inguinal nodes (feet, ankles) is reduced to a medium pressure massage and finally drops when it reaches the level of the thighs, pelvis and the abdomen (according to manual drainage method).

Rhythm regulation

Individually controlled massage rhythm parameter can be used for lymphatic drainage:

  • With little time

  • With average time with low intensity

  • With medium intensity

  • With high and dynamic rhythm in the case of classic massage

  • Strong sports massage can be reinforced with pulse massage

pressure therapy devices.jpeg

Easy-to-use option with 6 different algorithms

Easy operation with 6 programmed treatment algorithms developed by professional physiotherapists.

You just have to choose the program, set the maximum pressure and start the massage.

pressure therapy equipment.jpeg

Option for professionals

12 programs with different algorithms in which you can regulate pressure, time, rhythm and cycle.

There is also the possibility of creating your own program.

professional pressure therapy equipment.jpeg

Drainage with Vodder technique


Each of the preset algorithms begins with a known drainage of a classic manual massage technique that opens lymphatic outflows to the superficial inguinal lymph nodes, deep inguinal nodes, and abdominal nodes. High drainage efficiency is obtained when the inguinal area is cleaned to effectively drain lymph using vertical lymphatic vessels (which drain the tissue between the toes and navel) and horizontal lymphatic vessels which drain lymph from the pelvis. Only after such preliminary drainage, drainage can be performed in the direction from the foot to the abdomen. In medicine this is called the Vodder technique. Each aperture drain algorithm in the BOA device is called the same.


Maximum safety in treatment All other devices in the world do not have the algorithm according to the Vodder technique and there is no possibility of controlling the pressure in the cambers (small number of chambers in the grips). The use of such devices entails the risk of excessive accumulation of lymph at the site of its exit to the lymph nodes. It can cause painful and dangerous edema and damage to the lymph nodes.

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