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Outdoor sauna in Spain

Infrared and classic outdoor saunas

The best saunas for outdoor auroom

Designed and manufactured in Estonia


of ​quality


​e installation

Variety of saunas for outdoor use.

Models with different measurements and features

Sauna Terra

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Terra is a luxurious outdoor sauna that allows you to create your own personalized wellness space with a sleek and modern look. With two size options, you can choose between just a sauna or a larger space with a changing and relaxing area in addition to the sauna itself.

Terra offers a choice of two exterior cladding designs; The Natural option features lighter wood tones and the knotted look of thermopine, while the sleek Black look creates a striking color contrast to the internal materials. The chosen exterior is combined with an interior design that combines dark gray waxed alder walls with natural alder, natural aspen or thermopoplar benches, creating a rich selection of exquisite styles to suit your tastes.


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Lumina benches are available in three different lengths depending on the needs and desires of the sauna owner.

Towel rail

Practical towel rails, designed and sized to fit the lamps, are optionally available.

Exterior finish

NatureAL: Thermopine with a clean, light design that features natural wood tones for an open and welcoming atmosphere.

Black: Thermopine coated with translucent black paint for a modern and elegant exterior that contrasts with the lighter materials of the interior.

Interior finish

Knot-free wood is always used.


Wall covering: dark gray waxed alder

Benches: natural alder, natural aspen or thermoaspen

Aluminum base frame

The aluminum base structure under the sauna walls is durable, strong and well suited for wet rooms.


The floor is expressly designed to fit the overall style. Its grates are solid and durable and come with rubber strips, which prevent the floor from being slippery and the wood from being in direct contact with moisture.

Sauna Natura

Natural luxury outdoor sauna

Natura gently embraces and pampers its visitors. A perfect place to wholeheartedly enjoy the healing sauna, surrounded by a luxurious atmosphere.

The exquisite dark brown of the terrace enchants with its refined elegance on the outside, while the warm color of the heat-treated poplar pampers you on the inside. The large front window opens to a nice view of the outside. Furthermore, on the terrace you can experience the surrounding nature without a filter.

Natura is created in collaboration with the talented Italian architect Luca Donazzolo.


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Exterior finish


The exterior cladding is designed to withstand severe weather conditions: the Nordic spruce wood is heat-treated, brushed and painted.

The walls, floor and ceiling are effectively insulated and the solid roof construction can
withstand heavy snow loads.


The floor grates come with rubber strips, which prevent the floor from being slippery and the wood from being in direct contact with moisture.

Aluminum base frame

The aluminum base frame under the sauna walls is durable, resistant and very suitable for humid environments.

Interior finish

All interior details are made of high-quality thermopoplar.

Terrace and dressing room

​Both they have point LED lights. Inside we have warm white LED strips behind the backrests. The lights are dimmable using the remote control.


Auroom Alta 12 kW electric heater with control panel; Auroom Impera Wood Stove; Auroom Fora Sound: speakers, Bluetooth player.

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