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Different options to float and relax

Floating for relaxation is one of the therapies where user demand is growing the most worldwide, especially after Covid.

The industry has realized this and there is an increasing supply of different systems where it can be done. It is no longer only limited to use in spas, now physiotherapy centers, psychological clinics or companies where the occupational health of employees is important are implementing flotation.

To the extensive offer of floating tanks with lids, a new system has been added to float without contact with water. In this way, seeking the same objectives but in a much more practical way.

In this article we will explain the pros and cons of the different options for floating and relaxing. You will be able to evaluate which one best suits you


Wet systems

They are found under different names such as: flotation tanks, isolation chambers or sensory deprivation cabins

One of its features is the possibility of floating with a closed lid, with the idea of completely isolating the user from sound and light.

It floats in warm water that has diluted Epson salts, so that the user can float without the need for any effort or movement.

The water is not changed, it is disinfected between each user, using filters, chemical dosing systems or ultraviolet lamps.

Every so often, depending on the frequency of use, it must be refilled with water and salts.

It is very important to use quality Epson salts so that, in addition to giving hardness to the water, they provide mineral properties to the skin.

Advantages: excellent flotation and the mineral benefits of magnesium sulfate.

Cons: need to install showers and time users waste when showering, drying their hair or putting on makeup again.

Tanks to float and relax


Dry systems

Known as Zerobody, a pioneering Italian brand registered by Starpool. Although now other manufacturers have appeared and copied the idea.

It is the improvement of the old water beds, but with a membrane to avoid contact with the water so fine that it is practically not felt.

Underneath there are 400 liters of warm water (adjustable) and the systems include relaxation and meditation audio guides.

The user can choose not to take off their clothes, just their shoes.

Advantages: Super practical. There are no showers to install, users do not waste time and they are very easy to install. People who are very sensitive to the idea of floating where someone used to be, avoid this sensation.

Cons: despite having patented a membrane that is practically not noticeable, flotation quality is obviously lost. Some therapies such as floating for pregnant women to relieve muscle tension cannot be done.

Flotation tank or sensory isolation chamber with prices that include installation


Open wet systems

The same system as the flotation tanks, but without a cover.

They are bathtubs that are sold with the motor and filters so that the user can integrate them into the decoration of the space.

The motor can be covered in the same room or connected by pipe in another place.

In practice, it is advisable to "enclose" these bathtubs by screens or other means to prevent water evaporation and excess humidity throughout the space.

sale of flotation tanks with prices that include installation

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